file write question

Robb Lane (SL name) rdrink at
Tue Jan 29 00:58:40 CET 2008

H -
I am not familiar with flush(), will look into it.
But an interesting note: I repeatedly and often start long running
processes (one running right now: on about it's 14th hour), writing to
open files, with few problems (on Mac OS X). Although of course I
can't look at the results until the file closes...just have to hope
it's right! LOL

B -
You are right about Sqlite, I'm a big fan (moved over from MySQL a few
years ago). But the structure of the data for this project is much
better suited to a 'flat file' format.

Again, not that I am having problems, just thought I'd raise the

BTW PyCON is in Chicago this year (where I am), maybe I'll meet some
of you there?


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