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Sat Jan 5 11:35:17 CET 2008

-On [20080105 11:21], MartinRinehart at (MartinRinehart at wrote:
>Why convert? Modern Fortran is an object oriented, structured language
>with the singular advantage that it can run old Fortran programs.

With all due respect to Fortran but I find the syntax to be utterly
horrendous. :)

Furthermore, the code is not really heavy number crunching in that it seems to
warrant explicit use in Fortran. At most it takes about 2 seconds on a current
day PC to calculate some of these values.

Furthermore it currently has a dependency on the Visual Numerics IMSL library.
For just some calculations to warrant the cost of both this library and a
Fortran compiler seems a bit excessive.

Given we use Matlab in-house, next to C# (and perhaps F# in the future), and
some Python it makes more sense to stick to your domain-specific knowledge
rather than maintaining some relic from the past.

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