"just like Java" (was :Re: translating Python to Assembler)

Christian Heimes lists at cheimes.de
Sat Jan 26 04:54:37 CET 2008

Paul Boddie wrote:
> Well, it is important to make distinctions when people are wondering,
> "If Python is 'so slow' and yet everyone tells me that the way it is
> executed is 'just like Java', where does the difference in performance
> come from?" Your responses seemed to focus more on waving that issue
> away and leaving the whole topic in the realm of mystery. The result:
> "Python is just like Java apparently, but it's slower and I don't know
> why."

Short answer: Python doesn't have a Just In Time (JIT) compiler. While
Java's JIT optimizes the code at run time Python executes the byte code
without additional optimizations.


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