Serving images

Jumping Arne arnlen at
Mon Jan 28 10:43:36 CET 2008

I'm no web programmer so please be kind.

I'm just going to start writing a small "web app", it's very small and will 
only do one thing so I'm not going to use some kind of web framework.

The purpose of the script is to do some custom markup of markdown formatted 
pages, render them and send them back to the browser. This is fairly simple 
and I've done similar things before but this time I'm going to add support 
for handling images.

Before I've just placed the images on a server where the script didn't need 
to bother about it. Now I'm considering to let the script handle the images 
also, that is serve them to the browser when requested. I've tried two 
different approaches in other scripts:

+	Put them somewhere outside the scope of the script and link to them.

+ In my own code open the images, read the data and send it back
  (is there a library for this?).

Before deciding on how to handle this for this script I would like to ask: 
how is this best done? Is there a better way?

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