How a smart editor could make "Postfix type declarations PEP3117" in Python3000 more readable

aspineux aspineux at
Sat Jan 5 11:01:18 CET 2008

On Jan 5, 4:39 am, aspineux <aspin... at> wrote:
> Hi
> I read the PEP 3117 about the new "Postfix type declarations"  in
> Python3000.
> THIS PEP as been REJECTED ! But ...
> The notation in the PEP is very ugly !  This make python code more
> difficult to read!
> Anyway when I switched to python (from C, C++, ..), I suffered a lot
> of the
> untyped python variables. And I think this is a good idea to include
> typing in python.
> Then I get this idea: The editor could hide the typing notation, just
> displaying hint !
> It could also auto-complete the type of any variable having already a
> type in
> the current function, and underline untyped variable or variable
> having multiple type inside the function.
> Just an idea !

And to go further the editor could do all the job of type checking,
using formatted comment to specify type, like in some existing
embedded documentation.

But then we are losing the brevity provided by the PEP.

Pydev (and certainly other) already does some interesting work to find
(typed like in "I made a typo") variable name.


Hopefully, in 1990 nobody said to someone that inventing a language
where bloc definition
is based on indentation was a s....


> Alain Spineux
> Happy new year.

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