TopSort in Python?

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at
Sun Jan 20 16:48:12 CET 2008

Paddy wrote:
> I searched for dependancy sort, and later dependency sort (cos I
> couldn't spell). I had convinced that I was using the right term and
> was flummoxed by the lack of hits. Even today the term topological
> sort means far less than what it describes: sorting items based on
> their interdependencies.
"dependency sort python" typed into Google today gives a post pointing
to (which has Tim and my
algorithms ( as the second link... vagaries of Google I
> Is this a case of something being named after its mathematical/
> technical description and so obscuring its wider practical use cases?
Could be, I tried to make sure that the word dependency was in the
description on the download page (since I had the same problem starting
out (I implemented the algorithm before I knew the name IIRC)).
> P.S. we have revived a thread started in 1999!
For some of us 1999 is well into our Pythonic life-cycle :)

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