How to create graphs an embed them in GUI?

Heiko Niedermeyer xena-die-kriegerprinzessin at
Thu Jan 17 16:08:14 CET 2008

Sorry for the fuzzy subject...

Currently I'm writing a little programm to extract some chemical 
information out of a text file, and then present it in a pleasant way.
The Extraction works so far, so now the presentation will be next.

As I'm learning Python from scratch, I don't care wether to use (=learn) 
TKinter or PyQt or whatever, I just need some advice, which suits my 
needs best.
It would be nice to have the programm working under win and linux 
(shouldn't be a big Problem) and my requirements concerning the standard 
elements should be met by almost every framework.
My problem is, that I want to add graph (simple, line connected X,Y-
scatter plots) and if possible the 3D representation of atoms in a 
molecule (-> coloured spheres in space).
I think it would take me years to program those by myself, so I would ne 
ready to use packages, if available.
Long story short: Are there packages that could do this, and does it 
matter which GUI I want to embed them in?

best wishes

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