Python or PowerShell ?

Martin P. Hellwig xng at
Thu Jan 10 14:47:22 CET 2008

kyosohma at wrote:
> On Jan 8, 1:57 pm, "Martin P. Hellwig" <x... at> wrote:
>> And adding to that, if you don't care about cross platform anyway, why
>> even bother with python? I am sure that MS has tools that can do in a
>> point and click kind of way all the things you might encounter.
> I code mostly for Windows users, but I use Python almost exclusively.
> Why?
> 1) Python is "free"
> 2) Microsoft Visual Studio is very expensive
> 3) Python is Open Source
> 4) Visual Studio is not Open Source
> 5) I can actually take the code from IDLE and refine it for my
> purposes if it doesn't suit me. Good luck doing that with practically
> anything Microsoft supplies.
> 6) With relative ease, I can go cross-platform with my code if
> requirements change
> I could go on. There are many good reasons to use Python (or some
> other good open source language, like Ruby) even if you just program
> for Windows.
> Mike

Well if that are your requirements, which are all good ones btw, then 
you have answered your own question :-)


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