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Mon Jan 28 23:20:36 CET 2008

On 28 jan, 22:32, "pavloutefk... at" <pavloutefk... at>
> 1. yes i've tried that technique but its annoying, the user can easily
> stop the redirection and not "elegant".

It's a very canonical technique with HTTP (at least after a successful
POST). But I suspect you're not doing it the right way, since you're
talking about "the user (...) stop(ing) the redirection".
"Redirecting" here means "sending an HTTP  redirection status code and
the appropriate location header" (according to the rfc, code should be
303, but for legacy reasons it's often a 302). You must indeed *not*
have send *anything* else to the client before (which means that you'd
better use a log file to trace your code) !

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