Python Genetic Algorithm

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Have you ever worked with Gene Expression Programming????

David Blubaugh


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Steven D'Aprano wrote:
>> I'm not sure I'm following you here. So a "chromosome" is bit of 
>> functionality, right? So basically it is a function. So my advice 
>> would be to write these functions and store it to the 
>> "indivuals"-list like
>> so:
> No, a chromosome is a bit of *data*: a noun, not a verb. Read these 
> bits
> again:
> "Individuals HAVE what's called a chromosome - a SPECIFICATION of what

> it contains. For example, common chromosomes are BIT STRINGS, ..."
Oh, OK. I *sort of* got this. Sort of. My reasoning was that these
functions would return their associated "representation" upon being
called. Which makes not much sense, especially after your explanation.

> Some background which may help you understand what the OP is asking
> [snip little GA-intro]
Thanks Steven, that sure was useful. I think I now have a new toy
hammer. I'm sure I'll see myself looking for toy nails everywhere over
the next few weeks.


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