cloud computing (and python)?

PatrickMinnesota PatrickMinnesota at
Tue Jan 1 22:55:10 CET 2008

On Jan 1, 3:26 pm, Aaron Watters <aaron.watt... at> wrote:
> So, in between skiing runs I noticed
> a Business Week cover story on
> "cloud computing".  The article had
> lots of interesting information in it like
> about how somebody's mom used to
> be an airline stewardess and the
> interior decor of various office spaces.
> It was a truly excellent piece of
> journalism.
> However it gave me no idea what
> "cloud computing" is and how it
> could be used to solve a computational
> problem.
> Could anyone on this list
> which usually has highly informed
> readers give me a clue at some
> level of technical detail what cloud
> computing is about and how it could
> be used.  Bonus points if you mention
> Python in the response!
> An actual example would be great,
> if it's not web scraping and searching.
>   - Aaron Watters
> ==

Examples of applications in the cloud:  Google apps,

Examples of cloud storage and bandwidth:  Amazon's S3 for scalable
storage, Amazon's EC2 for scalable serving

The idea is that your data and applications are on the net, rather
than your local hard drive.

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