[OT] How is AI implemented

Martin Marcher martin at marcher.name
Thu Jan 3 18:49:39 CET 2008


I know it's not a trivial field but I had some readings about
artificial intelligence lately and my personal conclusion is that it's
mostly just statistics.

Naively explained:

continiously gather and store information and apply a default rating

1) answer "questions" with gathered information according to rating
2) store/calculate rating based upon input (be it an interface or user input)
3) goto 1 (sorry for the goto)

So I think that in general there hasn't yet been any artificial
intelligence programmed (Note: I believe I'm aware of the difference
between artificial intelligence and artificial conscusiness where the
second would be able to answer things like: "How are you today" and
the first can answer factual knowledge)

Am I thinking right here or is there some (preferrably) web reading
available on that or in depth links about the topic?

thanks and sorry for OT posting


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