Newbie question: Classes

Sam Garson peanut.sam at
Tue Jan 8 20:36:19 CET 2008

Hello all

Basically, I have created a program using tkinter without using any class
structure, simply creating widgets and functions (and finding ways around
passing variables from function to function, using global variables etc).
The program has become rather large ( lines?) I am trying to now put it into
a class structure, because I hear it is easier to handle.

So basically, I put all the stuff into a class, making the widgets in the
"def __init__(self, root)" (root being my Tk() ) and then I have had to put
a "self." in front of any instance of any variable or widget. Is this right?
it seems like nothing is any easier (except having variables locally). Is
this right? Should I be creating more classes for different things or what?

I can upload the .py if you want.



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