Serving images

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-py2 at
Mon Jan 28 20:08:27 CET 2008

On 28 ene, 07:43, Jumping Arne <arn... at> wrote:

> Before I've just placed the images on a server where the script didn't need
> to bother about it. Now I'm considering to let the script handle the images
> also, that is serve them to the browser when requested. I've tried two
> different approaches in other scripts:
> +       Put them somewhere outside the scope of the script and link to them.
> + In my own code open the images, read the data and send it back
>   (is there a library for this?).

For static images, just let the webserver deal with them, surely will
do a better job.

Gabriel Genellina

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