Modules and descriptors

Chris Leary cdleary at
Tue Jan 8 00:19:52 CET 2008

As I understand it, the appeal of properties (and descriptors in
general) in new-style classes is that they provide a way to
"intercept" direct attribute accesses. This lets us write more clear
and concise code that accesses members directly without fear of future
API changes.

I love this feature of the language, but find that I still have to
call getter/setter methods of module instances. Since module
attributes are accessed by way of __dict__ and the module type has a
valid __mro__, why doesn't the descriptor protocol apply to module


P.S. There is some previous discussion in comp.lang.python about using
a module like a new-style class.

The suggested solution is always to provide a class wrapper in the
module itself, and have the module-user instantiate it appropriately.
This is a valid solution, but doesn't ensure that the client will use
it (the descriptor protocol does, as a feature of the language). As a
result, changes like these can break existing code that uses the

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