vim newb - indenting python comments

infixum ctrachte at
Sat Jan 5 03:22:30 CET 2008

On Jan 4, 7:07 pm, Tim Chase <python.l... at> wrote:
> > One problem I have is that the >> indent in normal mode doesn't work
> > when a line starts with the # character.  Any idea what I'm doing
> > wrong?
> In short, ">>" *does* indent in normal mode (I presume you
> accurately mean "Normal" mode, rather than "Insert" mode).  The
> question becomes why doesn't it work in your particular copy of Vim?
> To evidence this, start vim with
>   vim -u NONE
> (which bypasses startup files) and you'll see that >> does indeed
> shift commented lines.

It worked just as you described.

> To track down the problem, you'll need to provide a little more
> info.  Starting Vim the way you normally do, pointed at a
> problematic python file, what is the output of
>   :scriptnames

There are 16 in all.  I feel a bit foolish in that I had no idea these
were being loaded (sourced?).

> What mappings do you have defined:
>   :nmap
> (particularly any mappings for ">" and its kin).
> What are your filetype settings:
>   :filetype
> What are your settings for 'indentkeys', 'indentexpr',
> 'shiftwidth', 'tabstop', 'expandtab' and 'filetype'
>   :set indentkeys? indentexpr? sw? ts? et? ft?
> Which version of Vim are you using:
>   :version

7.1 under Cygwin on Windows XP

> Hopefully some of those will point you at the problem child.
> Otherwise, drop by the Vim mailing list and there are a lot of
> other smart cookies there that may have other ideas.
> -tkc

Thanks; this is already really helpful.  I'm going to try to sift
through those 16 scripts and try to familiarize myself with vim
customization a bit more.  I may be back, but you've given me some
help to get over the hump and start learning the tool.  Thanks again.

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