dbus-python for windows

Suraj Barkale suraj at barkale.com
Tue Jan 15 14:14:20 CET 2008

est <electronixtar <at> gmail.com> writes:
> I am trying to port Scribes to Windows, 

Hi there like minded fellow

> sourceforge.net/projects/windbus/≥ but it not for Python, so how could
> I install dbus module for Windows Python 2.5 ?

I have also started to dabble in windbus-python for the sake of Scribes. I have
following observations:
1. I don't have Visual Studio 2003 (required for compiling Python 2.x modules)
so alternative is to use MinGW. Follow instructions at
http://js.cx/~justin/mingw You can skip the GtkGLExt part.
2. Checkout windbus from sourceforge, apply the patch (patch.exe doesn't work on
Vista. Rename it to p4tch.exe)
3. Follow the windows build instructions for windbus. It gets compiled correctly 
4. dbus-python has dependency on dbus AND dbus-glib. But all my attempts of
getting dbus-glib to build have failed so for.
5. dbus-python looks at wrong place for python headers, this is very easy to
connect and if we can get dbus-glib to build then we are there :)

I will keep banging my head & let you know once I have cracked it (or the
dbus-python :)

P.S. Please CC me in your reply as I am not on the list.


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