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Lie wrote:
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>> I used to systematically use it - like I've always systematically
>> used 'this' in C++  and Java.
> And that is what reduces readability. 

IMHO not, IOPHO not. This is the nth time (n >> 1) this discussion
comes up here. If I have learned one thing from those very lengthy
discussions, it's that Python's "self" handling is not going to

> A proficient VB/C/Java programmer would frown upon the extra,
> unneeded garbage as they thought it was clear already that the
> variable refers to a class-level variable. 

C programmers surely have no opinion concerning C because it has no
native classes.

Personally, I've seen many C++ programs with complex class designs
where it definitely helps to consistently use "this->". I cannot
remember all local (and global) variables in bigger methods.

> There is one major positive point: convenience and shorter code.
> (isn't that two?)

Shorter code is not per se positive, neither is it convenient. If it
was, everyone would use perl.



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