How to create graphs an embed them in GUI?

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Thu Jan 17 17:47:42 CET 2008

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> My problem is, that I want to add graph (simple, line connected X,Y-
> scatter plots) and if possible the 3D representation of atoms in a
> molecule (-> coloured spheres in space).
> I think it would take me years to program those by myself, so I would ne
> ready to use packages, if available.

I would recommend using NumPy and SciPy together with Matplotlib.

For GUI, you can embed Matplotlib in e number of toolkits. wxPython,
PyGTK or PyQt are good options.

For 3D plots, there are e.g. an extension to Matplotlib (Mplot3D),
OpenGL, Direct3D (i.e. DirectPython), or VTK.

Sturla Molden

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