encrypting python modules

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> Subject: encrypting python modules
> The problem: I have a client-server app written in python. I want to
> make sure that the client is not:
> 1) destabilized by users accidentally or on purpose dropping python
> files in the path (after which calling the helpdesk will not be
> 2) extended with "new features" without me knowing about it (again
> resulting in calls to my helpdesk...)

	Would the site module help with that?  It looks like site will
let you put your modules first in sys.path.  Or what about just updating
sys.path as the first action in your program?  

	Or what about pulling clean copies of the files from a
tar/zip/archive before execution?  A shell script creates a temp dir and
extracts the files to the temp dir to run.  Not sure it would do any
good to pull from an encrypted tar/zip/archive.

	Or what about pulling the client files from the server instead
of a tar/zip/archive...?


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