Issue with docking wx.listctrl window

tarun tarundevnani at
Thu Jan 24 06:34:53 CET 2008

Hello All,

I'm trying to create a Frame with AuiManager. The code is attached.

- I want 2 windows to be docked in the frame. One is a text control and
other is a list control.
- The text control gets docked, but on trying to dock the list control, all
the tabs dis-appear.
  The tabs appear only when the list control window is kept floating.

In the attached code the list control window is kept floating. This can be
To see the issue with docking, comment line 33 and un-comment line 35 in the
attached file and then try to execute, the issue would be clearly visible.
On un-docking the window1, the tabs again appear..

*Please let  me the solution to this ASAP*
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