Launching a wx GUI from within our python framework

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Mon Jan 7 14:27:27 CET 2008


At my work we have a framework writen in python which allows us to
test our equipment. This framework is quite large and uses a Singelton
called frameworkExec which we pass around between objects in order to
share functionailty. For example, frameWorkExec stores an instance of
the BatteryManagement module which I use to set the voltage during
certain tests.

I've just writen a gui using wx which I wish to use to calibrate our
voltage supply. I launch this app at the moment within python win as
follows -

app = VoltageCalibrationApp(0)

class VoltageCalibrationApp(wx.App):
 def OnInit(self):

  voltageCalibration = {}
  voltageCalibration[0.0] = 1.2
  voltageCalibration[9.0] = 10.1
  voltageCalibration[22.0] = 22.7
  voltageCalibration[24.0] = 24.8
  voltageCalibration[30.0] = 31.1
  voltageCalibration[35.0] = 36.9

  frame = VoltageCalibrationFrame(None, -1, 'Voltage Calibration',
  return True

I hope that by adding the code above into the framework, I will be
able to call this app as part of the framework before the execution of
certain tests, as follows -

app = VoltageCalibrationApp(0)

As you can see in the VoltageCalibrationApp class, I am currently
hardcoding voltageCalibration. Rather than doing this, I wish to store
them in our singleton which is available at the scope at which I
create my VoltageCalibrationApp instance. But I can't figure our a way
of referencing my singleton with the OnInit function. Normally, you
would pass the reference via __init__

How can I do this?



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