subprocess and & (ampersand)

Tim Golden mail at
Wed Jan 23 16:10:07 CET 2008

Ross Ridge wrote:
> Tim Golden  <mail at> wrote:
>> but this doesn't:
>> <c:/temp/firefox.bat>
>> "c:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" "%*"
>> </c:/temp/firefox.bat>
>> <code>
>> import subprocess
>> cmd = [
>> r"c:\temp\firefox.bat",
>> ""
>> ]
>> subprocess.Popen (cmd)
>> </code>
> You need to use double quotes both in the .BAT file and in the string
> you pass to subprocess.Popen().
> 					Ross Ridge

In the context of my example above, could you just
say which bit you thing should be quoted and isn't?
(That sounds sarcastic, but isn't; I just want to
understand if I've missed something). If you simply
requote the second element in the cmd list
('"http:/....."') then the internal quotes are escaped
by some part of the mechanism and it still doesn't work.


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