Looping through the gmail dot trick

Martin Marcher martin at marcher.name
Sun Jan 20 20:58:34 CET 2008

On Sunday 20 January 2008 17:38 Joshua Gilman wrote:

> So I have a very interesting task ahead of me and it is to loop through an
> email using the 'gmail dot trick'. Essentially this trick puts periods
> throughout your email to make it look different. Even though it has
> periods gmail will replace them all and send it to that email.

are you saying that when i have 2 gmail addresses

"foo.bar at gmail.com" and
"foobar at gmail.com"

they are actually treated the same? That is plain wrong and would break a
lot of mail addresses as I have 2 that follow just this pattern and they
are delivered correctly!

Do you have any reference on that where one could read up why gmail would
have such a behaviour?

> So blah at gmail.com is the same as bl.ah at gmail.com.

To my best knowledge it is not the same and must not be the same. The
localpart of an email is entirely up to the receiving mailserver and cannot
be tempered with without risking misdelivery (at least). If I'm wrong I'd
be gladly corrected, just point me to the references.



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