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j igisbert.etra-id jigisbert.etra-id at grupoetra.com
Sun Jan 13 22:06:55 CET 2008

My PDA runs with Windows Mobile 2003 SE.... could you or someone please 
explain me what to do? Thanks a lot for your effort.

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Subject: *SPAM*: 04.6/4.0 - Re: Manually installing PIL

j igisbert.etra-id wrote:

> this. I have download Imaging-1.1.6 source code, and I found PIL folder, 
> but not binary file. If I download windows exe installer, it works 
> great, but I want to install manually for installing it on my PDA.... 

as the name implies, the source code distribution contains source code 
only.  to turn that into a binary component, you need a working compiler 
for your target platform.

what OS does your PDA run?


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