Creating unique combinations from lists

breal hacker.stevenson at
Wed Jan 16 20:15:16 CET 2008

I have three lists... for instance

a = ['big', 'small', 'medium'];
b = ['old', 'new'];
c = ['blue', 'green'];

I want to take those and end up with all of the combinations they
create like the following lists
['big', 'old', 'blue']
['small', 'old', 'blue']
['medium', 'old', 'blue']
['big', 'old', 'green']
['small', 'old', 'green']
['medium', 'small', 'green']
['big', 'new', 'blue']
['small', 'new', 'blue']
['medium', 'new', 'blue']
['big', 'new', 'green']
['small', 'new', 'green']
['medium', 'new', 'green' ]

I could do nested for ... in loops, but was looking for a Pythonic way
to do this.  Ideas?

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