Module/package hierarchy and its separation from file structure

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Fri Jan 25 23:03:55 CET 2008

En Thu, 24 Jan 2008 11:57:49 -0200, Peter Schuller  
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> In this case my
> problem is more related to the "file == module" and "directory ==
> module" semantics, since I want to break contents in a single module
> out into several files.

You already can do that, just import the public interfase of those several  
files onto the desired container module. See below for an example.

>> Isn't org.lib.animal a package, reflected as a directory on disk? That's
>> the same both for Java and Python. and would be  
>> modules
>> inside that directory, just like and Aren't the
>> same thing?
> No, because in Java is a class. So we have class Monkey in
> package org.lib.animal. In Python we would have class Monkey in module
> org.lib.animal.monkey, which is redundant and does not reflect the
> intended hierarchy. I have to either live with this, or put Monkey in
> .../animal/ Neither option is what I would want, ideally.

You can also put, in animal/
 from monkey import Monkey
and now you can refer to it as org.lib.animal.Monkey, but keep the  
implementation of Monkey class and all related stuff into  

Gabriel Genellina

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