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Grant Edwards grante at visi.com
Thu Jan 24 21:28:50 CET 2008

On 2008-01-24, SMALLp <pofuk at mzm.hr> wrote:

> Hy.


> Is there any way to make interrupter ignore exceptions.

Nope.  Either handle the exceptions or write code that doesn't
generate exceptions.

> I'm working on bigger project and i used to put try catch
> blocks after writing and testing code

You're getting unhandled exceptions after you've tested your
code?  I guess you need to do better testing.

> what's boring and it's easy to make mistake. I remember of
> something like that in C++ but I cant find anythin like that
> for python.

I should hope not.  The Python language wouldn't _work_ if the
VM ignored exceptions.  Exceptions are used for all sorts of
things besides errors (terminating a loop, exiting a program,
etc.).  If exceptions were ignored all sorts of things would
stop working.

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