cloud computing (and python)?

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Wed Jan 2 02:04:55 CET 2008

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Aaron Watters  <aaron.watters at> wrote:
>So, in between skiing runs I noticed
>a Business Week cover story on
>"cloud computing".  The article had
>lots of interesting information in it like
>about how somebody's mom used to
>be an airline stewardess and the
>interior decor of various office spaces.
>It was a truly excellent piece of
>However it gave me no idea what
>"cloud computing" is and how it
>could be used to solve a computational
>Could anyone on this list
>which usually has highly informed
>readers give me a clue at some
>level of technical detail what cloud
>computing is about and how it could
>be used.  Bonus points if you mention
>Python in the response!
>An actual example would be great,
>if it's not web scraping and searching.
Aaron, while I make time for a more pertinent response,
<URL: >
might interest you.

I owe you better examples, though.

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