creating .pyo with make

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Thu Jan 24 00:14:49 CET 2008

Yann Leboulanger schrieb:
> Yann Leboulanger wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I use autoconf / automake to manage my python project, and I'l like 
>> make / make install to create / install .pyo files instead of .py files.
>> Is there something I should add to my files to do that? Or 
>> should I do all that myself with py_compile module?
>> Are there some examples somewhere with autotools?
>> Thanks for your help
> Hehe replying to myself. It seems I just have to replace
> project_DATA = $(srcdir)/*.py
> by
> project_PYTHON = $(srcdir)/*.py
> Then when I do make install, it installs .py, .pyc and .pyo.
> Would it be possible to install only .pyo? Is it a good idea?

There might be the occasional code that relies on doc-strings to work - 
seldomly, but possible. Which are obmitted by .pyo, but not of pyc.

Apart from that, having only pyc-files (or pyo for that matter) sucks. 
Just today I had to delve into a ZOPE-application, setting breakpoints 
and getting things done. It would have been impossible or at least much 
more inconvenient to debug if I hadn't had the sources available (and 
put at a place where they actually get invoked from the interpreter, not 
lying around unrelated)


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