whats wrong with this

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Mon Jan 7 09:06:21 CET 2008

mpho raborife wrote:

> I'm trying to rum gmmtrain within my pthon program like this:
>  Input -l List -t inittype -e traintype 
> -m mixture -d dimension -v vfloor -n number -p percent -r results -c cycle)
> But i keep on getting an error.

it helps if you include the actual error message in your post, so we 
don't have to guess.

the line you quoted should give you a "SyntaxError: invalid syntax" 
message; the "os.system" call takes a Python string object, so the 
correct syntax is:

     os.system("gmmtrain -o output -i /etc.../")

if that doesn't help, please post the *entire* traceback; also see:



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