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> Skipping past html validation, and html to xhtml 'cleaning', and
> instead starting with the assumption that I have files that are valid
> XHTML, can anyone give me a good example of how I would use _ htmllib,
> HTMLParser, or ElementTree _ to parse out the text of one specific
> childNode, similar to the examples that I provided above using regex?

The diveintopython page is not valid XHTML (but it's valid HTML). Assuming  
it's property converted:

py> from cStringIO import StringIO
py> import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
py> tree = ET.parse(StringIO(page))
py> elem = tree.findall('//p')[4]
py> # from the online ElementTree docs
... def gettext(elem):
...     text = elem.text or ""
...     for e in elem:
...         text += gettext(e)
...         if e.tail:
...             text += e.tail
...     return text
py> print gettext(elem)
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