Newbie question on Classes

Adrian Wood aawood at
Thu Jan 10 22:46:39 CET 2008

Hi al! I'm new to the list, and reasonably new to Python, so be gentle.

Long story short, I'm having a hard time finding a way to call a
function on every object of a class at once. Example:

I have a class Person, which has a function state(). This prints a
basic string about the Person (position, for example). In the program,
I have created two objects of class Person, called man and woman.

I can call man.state() and then woman.state() or Person.state(man) and
Person.state(woman) to print the status of each. This takes time and
space however, and becomes unmanageable if we start talking about a
large number of objects, and unworkable if there is an unknown number.
What I'm after is a way to call the status of every instance of Man,
without knowing their exact names or number.

I've gone through the relevant parts of the online docs, tried to find
information elsewhere online, and looked for code samples, but the
ionformation either isn't there, or just isn't clicking with me. I've
tried tracking the names of each object in a list, and even creating
each object within a list, but don't seem to be able to find the right
syntax to make it all work.

I'd appreciate anyone who could help, especially if they could include
a short sample. My apologies if I'm not following the etiquette of the
group in some way my making this request.

Thank you,

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