Newbie question on Classes

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> Subject: Newbie question on Classes
> I can call man.state() and then woman.state() or Person.state(man) and
> Person.state(woman) to print the status of each. This takes time and
> space however, and becomes unmanageable if we start talking about a
> large number of objects, and unworkable if there is an unknown number.
> What I'm after is a way to call the status of every instance of Man,
> without knowing their exact names or number.

How about searching the garbage collector?

import gc
from random import random

class Person:
    def __init__(self): random() * 1000 + 1

    def WhoAmI(self):

a = Person()
b = Person()

for i in gc.get_objects():
        # classes have __class__ and __dict__ defined according to the
        if i.__class__ and i.__dict__ :
            print i.__class__
            if str(i.__class__) == '__main__.Person':
                print "\tI am", i.WhoAmI()



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