Python too slow?

Ben Finney bignose+hates-spam at
Wed Jan 9 23:53:46 CET 2008

Christian Heimes <lists at> writes:

> dongie.agnir at wrote:
> > [...] after running the code with the included sample input file,
> > it seems quite slow (1-2 seconds from start to finish to do the
> > 800 by 600 gif image).
> Have you profiled your application? Do you know the bottle necks and
> the reason for the bottle necks? Is your application IO, memory or
> CPU bound? Have you considered rewriting the bottle necks in C?

All good questions. Another important one: Is the startup time of the
Python process (i.e. before executing any of the actual statements in
the program) a significant part of the total time in this case?

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