read and readline hanging

Olivier Lefevre lefevrol at
Mon Jan 28 20:34:04 CET 2008

>> Yes, that has since occurred to me. I need to echo some magic string
>> after each command to know that I reached the end of the answer to
>> the previous command. In interactive mode the prompt fulfills that
>> role.
> And hope that that "magic string" does not occur somewhere within
> the response...

In a numerical setting there are strings you can be pretty sure will
not occur, esp. alone on their own line. It might be harder if you
were dealing with arbitrary text but I'm not.

> I think you would be better off looking into the correctly spelled
> 'threading' module rather than the misspelled 'trheading' module. :-)

That was a just a copy-and-paste from the original reply. It would
not have caused me to segfault not to find a module named 'trhreading':
I'm a human, not a 'puter ;-)

-- O.L.

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