Module/package hierarchy and its separation from file structure

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Thu Jan 31 02:31:29 CET 2008

Peter Schuller <peter.schuller at> writes:

> I *DON'T* want anything to depend on the physical location on disk.

Importing the code in the first place will — unavoidably, it seems to
me — depend on the file location from which to load the module.

After that, nothing depends on the physical location on disk, unless
it's buggy. Imported modules are available from 'sys.modules', and
that's where subsequent 'import' statements will find them, with no
reference to file locations.

> That was exactly what I was after from the beginning; a total
> separation of location on disk from the location in the module
> hiearachy. As you say, the location of the source should be an
> implementation detail. That is exactly what I am after.

It *is* an implementation detail, once the module is loaded from disk.

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