looking for a light weighted library/tool to write simple GUI above the text based application

Lorenzo E. Danielsson danielsson.lorenzo at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 22:06:57 CET 2008

petr.jakes.tpc at gmail.com wrote:
>>> is already solved).
>> what you are looking for is curse :)
>> http://docs.python.org/lib/module-curses.html
>> http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/library/l-python6.html
>> renaud
> Renaud, thanks for your reply.
> I think I was not specific/clear enough in my first posting. I know
> the curses library ( http://pyncurses.sourceforge.net ). It AFIK
> provides TUI (short for: Text User Interface or Textual User
> Interface). My needs are GUI, I mean "a nice VGA pictures" on the VGA
> LCD 10" display.
> Petr

What you need then is something like SVGAlib (http;//svgalib.org). Only 
really old people like myself know that it exists. I've never heard of 
any Python bindings for it, but that might be where you come in. I 
haven't looked at SVGAlib for years, and I'm not sure about the state of 
the video drivers. I suggest you look at that first.

You could also look at GGI (http://ggi-project.org). GGI has different 
output targets. IIRC, one of them is directfb. To tell you the truth 
I've never really used GGI. There seems to be a python wrapper for GGI, 
although it is fairly old. Maybe you could look at the code for some ideas.

You should also be able to compile SDL to be able to use directfb as a 
target. If your libSDL handles it, then that should apply to wrapper 
libraries as well, including pygame. I've never tried running SDL apps 
this way, but if it works well, that would probably be your 'best' option.


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