printing dots in simple program while waiting

John john.m.roach at
Wed Jan 9 17:48:46 CET 2008

Ok, so this should be a really simple thing to do, but I haven't been
able to get it on the first few tries and couldn't find anything after
searching a bit.

what i want to do is print a 'waiting' statement while a script is
working-- the multithreading aspect isn't an issue, the printing on
the same line is.  i want to print something like:

(1sec) working...
(2sec) working....
(3sec) working.....

where the 'working' line isn't being printed each second, but the dots
are being added with time.

something like:

import time
s = '.'
print 'working'
while True:
    print s

however, this doesn't work since it prints:


any suggestions?

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