ISO Python example projects (like in Perl Cookbook)

kj socyl at
Thu Jan 10 17:13:10 CET 2008

I'm looking for "example implementations" of small projects in
Python, similar to the ones given at the end of most chapters of
The Perl Cookbook (2nd edition, isbn: 0596003137).  (Unfortunately,
the otherwise excellent Python Cookbook (2nd edition, isbn:
0596007973), by the same publisher (O'Reilly), does not have this
great feature.)

The subchapters devoted to these small projects (which are called
"Program"s in the book), each consists of a description of the
task, a discussion of the relevant design considerations, and one
or more illustrative implementations.  As such, these programs are
larger and more complex than the typical "recipe" in the book, but
are still short enough to be read and understood in a few minutes.

I find the study of such small programs invaluable when learning
a new language.

Does anyone know of a source of similar material for Python?


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