Great Python books for the beginner

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Sat Jan 12 15:29:24 CET 2008

On Jan 12, 2:03 am, Landon <projecteclip... at> wrote:
> Hi, I'm a freshman in college and I'm going to be taking an intro to
> programming course next semester which mainly uses Python, so I
> thought it might be a good time to pick up Python beyond the scope of
> the class as well. The text book for this class is Python for the
> Absolute Beginner or something similar to that name.
> I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on what other titles I
> could look into since this one seems from a glance at reviews to be
> teaching mainly through game programming (a topic I'm not too
> interested in) or if this one is a quality book by itself.

Hi Landon,

I've found the O'reilly books to be useful I have the Python Pocket
reference, which is helpful for me to remember the parameters
surrounding commands and all that.

I've been known to peruse the "Learning Python" book by the same
publisher and I really like "Programming Python" (though it is
thoroughly hefty and runs about $60USD)

But <> has excellent documentation and if I may
put a word in for <> to check out if you would be
at all interested in starting game programming.


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