Replace stop words (remove words from a string)

Bruno Desthuilliers bruno.42.desthuilliers at
Thu Jan 17 09:58:51 CET 2008

BerlinBrown a écrit :
> if I have an array of "stop" words, and I want to replace those values
> with something else; in a string, how would I go about doing this.  I
> have this code that splits the string and then does a difference but I
> think there is an easier approach:
> E.g.
> mystr =
> kljsldkfjksjdfjsdjflkdjslkf[BAD]Kkjkkkkjkkjk[BAD]LSKJFKSFJKSJF;L[BAD2]kjsldfsd;

<ot>you forgot the quotes</ot>

> if I have an array stop_list = [ "[BAD]", "[BAD2]" ]


> I want to replace the values in that list with a zero length string.
> I had this before, but I don't want to use this approach; I don't want
> to use the split.
> line_list = line.lower().split()
> res = list(set(keywords_list).difference(set(ENTITY_IGNORE_LIST)))

res = mystr
for stop_word in stop_list:
     res = res.replace(stop_word, '')

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