Test driven development

ajcppmod at gmail.com ajcppmod at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 13:37:24 CET 2008


Sorry if this is a bit off topic but as unit testing is such a
cornerstone of python development I thought a few of you may be able
to share your knowledge/experiences.

I like the concept of TDD but find it difficult to put into practice
most of the time. I think this primarily because I tend to like top-
down development and functional/object decomposition and TDD feels
more like a bottom-up approach.

So my question is when approaching a project that you want to employ
test driven development on how and where do you start? And also if
anyone uses top-down design with TDD I would be interested in how you
do it (does it involve lots of mock objects/ is the first test you
write the last one to pass)?



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