linecache and glob

Shane Geiger sgeiger at
Fri Jan 4 08:04:56 CET 2008

import linecache
import glob

# reading from one file
print linecache.getline('notes/python.txt',4)

# reading from many files
for filename in glob.glob('/etc/*'):
    print linecache.getline(filename,4)

jo3c wrote:
> hi everyone happy new year!
> im a newbie to python
> i have a question
> by using linecache and glob
> how do i read a specific line from a file in a batch and then insert
> it into database?
> because it doesn't work! i can't use glob wildcard with linecache
>>>> import linecache
>>>> linecache.getline(glob.glob('/etc/*', 4)
> doens't work
> is there any better methods??? thank you very much in advance
> jo3c

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