Problem reading csv files

Chris cwitts at
Fri Jan 4 08:27:55 CET 2008

On Jan 4, 6:24 am, Ramashish Baranwal < at>
> Hi,
> I am trying to read a csv file using csv.reader. The file is created
> using Open Office and saved in Excel format.
> import csv
> reader = csv.reader(open('test.xls'))
> for row in reader:
>     print row
> It however throws the exception _csv.Error:
> <class '_csv.Error'>: line contains NULL byte
> Any idea whats going wrong here?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ram

XLS is M$'s format for spreadsheets whereas CSV is essentially a text
document with comma-delimited fields.  If you open it up in OpenOffice
and go File -> Save As then in the 'Save as type:' drop-down list
select 'Text CSV (.csv)' and ofc change your code to point to the new

If you want to retain it in XLS Format and rather parse that, take a
look at 'xlrd' and 'pyExcelerator'

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