stdin, stdout, redmon

Rolf van de Krol python at
Mon Jan 21 15:15:12 CET 2008

According to various tutorials this should work.

|import sys
data = sys.stdin.readlines()
print "Counted", len(data), "lines."|

Please use google before asking such questions. This was found with only 
one search for the terms 'python read stdin'


Bernard Desnoues wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got a problem with the use of Redmon (redirection port monitor). I 
> intend to develop a virtual printer so that I can modify data sent to 
> the printer.
> Redmon send the data flow to the standard input and lauchs the Python 
> program which send modified data to the standard output (Windows XP and 
> Python 2.5 context).
> I can manipulate the standard output.
> "import sys
> sys.stdout.write(data)"
> it works.
> But how to manipulate standard input so that I can store data in a 
> string or in an object file ? There's no "read" method.
> "a =" doesn't work.
> "f = open(sys.stdin)" doesn't work.
> I don't find anything in the documentation. How to do that ?
> Thanks in advance.
> Bernard Desnoues
> Librarian
> Bibliothèque de géographie - Sorbonne

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