Intra-package References?? (again)

marcroy.olsen at marcroy.olsen at
Tue Jan 29 09:45:54 CET 2008

Hi Python list,

I have been struggleling with this before, but have never been able to
find a good solution.
The thing I dont understand is, I follow the guide here:
And have the same setup as the packages howto here:http://

But when I want to use Intra-package References, I need to put the
path to the packages explicit like this:
Before I can make import like this:
#from Sound.Effects import echo
from within the (just to stay with the tut)
If I print the sys.path from the same file, I can see that
is in the path.

Is there something that I completely is missing or could someone
please show me how, by example, how I use Intra-package References.

Best regards


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