C++ equivalent of comp.lang.python?

brzrkr0 at gmail.com brzrkr0 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 18:39:41 CET 2008

Hopefully this isn't too OT.

One thing I like about comp.lang.python is the breadth of topics
discussed here.  People can ask about Python installation and
configuration issues on specific platforms, compare third party
libraries, ask for book recommendations, and discuss current Python
projects.  Lurking here has greatly increased my understanding of
Python over the last year or so.

I also do a lot of C++ development, but I've never found a similar
discussion group for that language.  comp.lang.c++ isn't what I'm
looking for.  I find it hard to get practical advice on that group
because its focus is so narrow.  I frequently see posters there
redirect people to one of the OS-specific C++ groups, but most of my
projects are cross-platform, so hanging out on one of those doesn't
make sense either.  As an example, I was recently trying to get
information about writing cross-platform code for dynamic linking, but
I couldn't find anywhere appropriate to ask about it.

For those of you who work in C++, where do you go to discuss it
online?  I'm interested in any newsgroups, mailing lists, or web
boards you can recommend.


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