Beginners question about debugging (import)

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Tue Jan 22 19:48:03 CET 2008

Albert van der Horst schrieb:
> I'm starting with Python. First with some interactive things,
> working through the tutorial,
> then with definitions in a file called
> Of course I make lots of mistakes, so I have to include that file
> time and again.
> I discovered (the hard way) that the second time you invoke
>     from import *
> nothing happens.
> There is reload. But it only seems to work with
>     import sudoku
> Now I find myself typing ``sudoku.'' all the time:
>     x=sudoku.sudoku()
>     y=sudoku.create_set_of_sets()
>     sudoku.symbols
> Is there a more convenient way?
> (This is a howto question, rather difficult to get answered
> from the documentation.)

import sudoku as s

However, I find it easier to just create a and run that from the 
shell. For the exact reason that reload has it's caveats and in the end, 
more complex testing-code isn't really feasible anyway. If you need to, 
drop into the interactive prompt using

python -i


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