Python's great, in a word

Paddy paddy3118 at
Wed Jan 9 17:09:53 CET 2008

On Jan 9, 1:02 pm, MartinRineh... at wrote:
> Thanks to all for many helpful suggestions.
> Python, by the way, is verbose when compared to APL. (See you don't believe this.) You need to
> stick in an adverb (maybe "gracefully concise") as standalone
> "concise" is owned by APL.
> Basilisk96 wrote:
> > Did programmers stop writing programs on punch cards because they ran
> > out of punch paper?
> If you drive on the NYS Thruway, you still get a punch card when you
> enter. You turn it in when you pay your toll.

I didn't reread my blog post! I meant Python is *succinct* with

"Briefly and clearly expressed".

(I should engage brain before typing).

- Paddy.

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