[OT] "just like Java" (was :Re: translating Python to Assembler)

Bruno Desthuilliers bruno.42.desthuilliers at wtf.websiteburo.oops.com
Mon Jan 28 17:03:28 CET 2008

Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven a écrit :
> -On [20080125 14:07], Bruno Desthuilliers (bruno.42.desthuilliers at wtf.websiteburo.oops.com) wrote:
>> I'm surprised you've not been flamed to death by now - last time I 
>> happened to write a pretty similar thing, I got a couple nut case 
>> accusing me of being a liar trying to spread FUD about Java vs Python 
>> respective VMs inner working, and even some usually sensible regulars 
>> jumping in to label my saying as "misleading"...
> I think your attitude in responding did not help much Bruno, if you want a
> honest answer.

Possibly, yes. Note that being personnally insulted for stating 
something both technically correct *and* (as is the case here) commonly 
stated here doesn't help either.

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